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OT minor and major errors and possible solutions
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16th Jun 2013

1. Dismounted cav stay in the fight instead of escaping, solution: charge to nearest ally or call for help when dismounted if you can't escape.

2. Dismounted cav find themselves alone way too often, solution: Cav will work in pairs from now on, if both are dismounted just turtle up with backs to each other.

3. We try to revive way too often when enemy is too close, solution: Well, don't, kill the enemy and then revive.

4. Not watching what E does in that moment and therefore end up executing, solution: Take the 1 sec and look at the text.

5. Leaving downed enemies behind and then have 4 guys go after 1!, solution. Never more than 2 enemies per person with maybe 1 in reserve and ranged must always stay behind and cover the downed enemies. Or ofc if possible, execute. Also, communication, if you leave a position with many downed enemies, state the reason and make sure someone can cover for you.

6. Lack of clearly defined names to locations (this one is on me), solution: I will take the 5 sec it takes to clearly define the location I am talking about.

7. Not having shields up when figthing lancers, solution: If we know they have lancers then always have shield up until we know their location. Also, do not travel to tight alleys with a 90 degree turn (From lanc side out in open field York side on Mortimers, left of the barn) If a lancer comes at you, just shield up, either your horse dies and his lance breaks, or his lance breaks and possibly your shield.

8. Not vocalizing how dire the situation you are in is, solution: If you are in imminent danger of dying, make yourself heard.

9. Not coming to the aid of teammates in trouble quick enough, solution: If someone calls for help and you are near him and ABLE to help, just get to him, even if you have an enemy bleeding, just let it be known that there is unfinished business where you're at at that moment.

10. Spending too much time saying how much damage you did to horses and when you do minimal damage, there are more important things to be said, solution: Only say damage when 60 + and if someone else is talking, don't bother saying it. Another solution, just TAG em.

11. Engaging without command or clear visual on the enemy, solution: Wait for word, but feel free to ask (if it is a sensible question)

12. Wasting time trolling at spawn, solution: Don't, whoever does it will not play in the final (Provided we get there that is)

13. Chasing enemies who bleed and consequently leaving another teammate exposed, solution: Don't, team up on the guy who remains and leave the guy who escaped for later as this is a far more sensible thing to do than risk losing both of you.

I'm sure there are more, so if anyone can come up with something then please leave a comment. You may also leave an opinion on alteration of current solutions. If you just leave an opinion on tactics then start a different post.
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